Hello, I would add ka to the text later, I was still working on it, but why you changed almost my entire work, I have to do it agin now.

მარგალონა 10:45, 21 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC)

Bots may be faster than you – they detect new articles –, and do one (useless) edit for adding only ka iw !… I've « changed almost your entire work » ?! What a pity ! see here : I've added only good link to Spanish language, good Spanish names, good personal dates (that is also good life categories), good note/external link to a Georgian bibliography, and ka iw ; that's what you call a change of almost your entire work ? --Budelberger 10:53, 21 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC).
I do not mean to upset you, I am not very familiar with technical things here, I see I am mistaken but really most of my translated parts was backed to Gerogian again when I saved the work, I do not know what happend than, that's why I told you thing above. I am sorry. --მარგალონა 11:20, 21 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC)

Translation of the name of the week days and months რედაქტირაფა

Dear Budelberger, Megrelian wiki editors have agreed on the names of the months and week days and some other translations you requested. We have also made repsective changes in the translation of Media Wiki messages which were done previously. You can check translations at the here (the last three headings). Thanks!!! წოხოლენი ხეუმუჭარუო კომენტარი გეუძინჷ Machirkholi-ქ (ოჩიებელი ხასჷლა • თია) 13:07, 25 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC).

Minor Question about articles for speedy deletion რედაქტირაფა

Dear Budelberger, as you know, personally me and my colleague-editors at Mingrelian wiki are very grateful for all your efforts and help! This is indeed immense help for us, guys, who are not experienced at all, but trying to learn and contribute to the development of the wiki. Recently, some of the editors, including me, considered some articles for deletion and proposed their deletion. You can see reasons for this here, at the end of the page. Soon, we received a comment, which is signed with your name spelled with Georgian characters, which I found a little bit strange.

I agree and I am open to the idea, that may be some of us made mistake in deciding to ask the deletion of some articles, but the comment goes little bit far than indicating this mistake, and refers to ethnicity, which was never considered by me or any other editors I know.

Therefore, I would like to clarify, again, that we did not intend to offend anybody or bar them from Mingrelian wikipedia, certainly not! at the same time, could you please clarify whether the the following was written by you (I am copying the words from here ):

"Open your (Georgian, Russian, English…) dictionary, and count how many articles have more than one or two words, sentences. So, please, delete also « 30 ფურთუთა », because it was used once during thousand years of History ! Besides that, who are « We », « We the Editors », and so on ? « We, Ethnic Mingrelian People, and you, foreigners, bastards » ? Tell me quickly. Perhaps « We the Editor » allow only themselves to edit here, in a purest Mingrelia-oriented Wikipedia, where others, unMingrelian, may go away, there, to the Devil. I know somebody who may be part of you purest Group of « We » ; see here ; and somebody else, an Ethnic one, who is part of my group : a Puristic Komi, who loves to add content to articles ; and now, there, your Group of « We » is inactive… --Ⴁუდელბერგერ 11:41, 27 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC)." წოხოლენი ხეუმუჭარუო კომენტარი გეუძინჷ Machirkholi-ქ (ოჩიებელი ხასჷლა • თია) 14:29, 27 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC).

Of course he wrote that. Don't be surprised, it's a sample of specific humor :P Kilavagora 16:55, 27 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC)

Translation requested by U რედაქტირაფა

Below is the translation you requested some time ago here:

Russian Mingrelian Категории კატეგორიეფი
Родившиеся nn month
e. g. Родившиеся 9 сентября
nn თუთას დუნაბადი კათა
e. g. 9 ეკენიას დუნაბადი კათა
Персоналии по датам рождения

კათა დაბადებაშ თარიღიშ მეჯინათ

Умершие nn month
e. g. Умершие 9 сентября
nn თუთას ნაღურა კათა
e. g. 9 ეკენიას ნაღურა კათა
Персоналии по датам смерти
კათა ღურაშ თარიღიშ მეჯინათ
События nn month
e. g. События 9 сентября
nn თუთას მონახვამილეფი
e. g. 9 ეკენიას მონახვამილეფი
События month
e. g. События сентября
События по датам

თუთას მონახვამილეფი
მაგალთო ეკენიას მონახვამილეფი
მონახვამილეფი თარიღეფიშ მეჯინათ

Появились nn month
e. g. Появились 9 сентября
დირსხუ/მოხვადუ nn თუთას
e. g. დირსხუ/მოხვადუ 9 ეკენიას
Объекты по дате появления
Объекты по времени появления
ობიექტეფი მოხვალამაშ/დორსხუაფაშ თარიღიშ მეჯინათ
ობიექტეფი მოხვალამაშ/დორსხუაფაშ ბორჯიშ მეჯინათ
Праздники nn month
e. g. Праздники 9 сентября
დღახუეფი nn თუთას
e. g. დღახუეფი 9 ეკენიას
Праздники month
e. g. Праздники сентября
Праздники по датам
თუთაშ დღახუეფი
მაგალთო ეკენიაშ დღახუეფი
დღახუეფი თარიღეფიშ მეჯინათ
Категории по времени კატეგორიეფი ბორჯიშ მეჯინათ
Категории по датам კატეგორიეფი თარიღეფიშ მეჯინათ
Персоналии по времени კათა ბორჯიშ მეჯინათ
Персоналии по состоянию კათა დგომარებაშ მეჯინათ
Люди по статусу კათა სტატუსიშ მეჯინათ
Люди კათა

Thanks! --Machirkholi 19:49, 5 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)

Great ! a very intense discussionstill ongoing ?… Many thanks. --Budelberger 22:07, 5 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET). (How to describe an event within a month without a special day, Праздники сентября, ეკენიაშ დღახუეფი, month-G event-Plur ? that is, for 4 other categories, Births, Deaths, Events, Creations ?)
One of the users corrected just technichal errors :)
I can't ask EmausBot hard working if there are still errors ! :(
so I guess discussion is over :)
Okaye ! :))
As to other things: Праздники сентября, ეკენიაშ დღახუეფი - the original Russian text is like this: holidays of September i.e. holiday is in plural and september is in singular. Megrelian version follows this model and word september (ეკენიაშ) is in singular and the word holidays (დღახუეფი) is in plural.
As to Cases indeed, monght must be in Genetive and events in plural (Births, Deaths, Events, Creations) if you follow the partern like this Праздники сентября.
Machirkholi 22:15, 5 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)
But I read События сентября ეკენიას მონახვამილეფი month-D event-Plur and Праздники сентября ეკენიაშ დღახუეფი month-G event-Plur ; how to say definitively Births, Deaths, Events, Creations, Celebrations for e. g. September ? And why do you all of you validate (see forum) დირსხუ/მოხვადუ მოხვალამაშ/დორსხუაფაშ ? which one is preferable, დირსხუ - დორსხუაფაშ or მოხვადუ - მოხვალამაშ ? Thanks. --Budelberger 02:35, 6 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).
In first case "События сентября ეკენიას მონახვამილეფი", month-D event-Plur is correct, although it's not mistake to have month-G event-Plur. In second case "Праздники сентября ეკენიაშ დღახუეფი", month-D will blur meaning but if you reverse — event-Plur month-D "დღახუეფი ეკენიას" meaning is restored. "Появление" literally means appearance/emergence, and it equally applicable to the case when something was founded, or someone was born or something happened for the first time. Literal translation in Megrelian is "გორჩქინა/გუმორჩქინა", but no one will use this word to describe foundation of something. If soccer club was founded, we say — დირსხუ, if someone was born — დებადუ, if it's appearance of Halley's Comet — გუმორჩქინდ(ჷ/უ), if it describes first appearance of H5N1 virus — გორჩქინდ(ჷ/უ)... მოხვადუ (happened) is applicable for any general event case but not necessarily for the first one. In short, if this category includes only foundations like soccer clubs, associations, organizations and etc დირსხუ (founded) is enough. But if we want to include the dog, there should be some additional word. კილავაგორა 04:20, 6 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)

I want to clarify that I just directly copied above table to forum. Seems there was some confusion whether I changed it after. I just updated the previous table there, but it's exact copy of table above. კილავაგორა 02:26, 6 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)

About События сентября ეკენიას მონახვამილეფი and Праздники сентября ეკენიაშ დღახუეფი
Though in Russian the word "События" is in the same case in both messages, the Megrelian translation is still correct for the following reason: События сентября in megrelin is translated not as the events belonging to September but as events which happened during september. Therefore, in Megrelian word september ეკენიას is not in Genitive, but this word ეკენიას functions as the adjective of time. Unlike this the Holidays of September (Праздники сентября) has been translated as ეკენიაშ დღახუეფი which literally means Holidays of September (or holidays belonging to September). The meaning of both messages are in essence the same, but what happens is that way they have been translated sound more natural and reflect how they are used mostly in speech. That's all :)
as to this: "And why do you all of you validate (see forum) დირსხუ/მოხვადუ მოხვალამაშ/დორსხუაფაშ ? which one is preferable, დირსხუ - დორსხუაფაშ or მოხვადუ - მოხვალამაშ ? "
Case is that original Russian message uses the word "appeared" and it is used in relation of the establishment of the cities and other events too. In Russian the word "appeared" is used in so wide sense that it covers establishment of cities as well as other events. But in Megrelian different verbs must be use for different events and the most "correct" are two verbs which are in the table above დირსხუ (established or created) and მოხვადუ (happened)
As კილავაგორა posted above, the table seems to be ready. If any questions, feel free to open discussion. and thanks for the great job u are doing! --Machirkholi 03:04, 6 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)
Sorry, I somehow missed your message and replied the same :D კილავაგორა 04:29, 6 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)

Dear Budelberger,

I think it would be nice to add following template to the each day of the year like I did it to this , Do you agree?

Bonjour, I think it's a little bit ugly (that's why I haven't added it to the articles…), but if you prefer this version… As you like it. I have to modify it (month names are in genitive form… it was easier when creating !) and translate « Related dates ». --Budelberger 19:00, 10 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET) (It's hard for me to read Georgian script on my screen ; letters are too small, that's why there is some confusion…)
I agree that its little bit ugly, as u say. The one on English wiki page looks nicer. Though, I don't know how to make our table to look like the English one, I will try and may be its would be better to add to everyday of the year such a table? I think we should --Machirkholi 19:48, 10 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)vote on that question.
It's exactly the same as on en.Wp ! (That's why month names are in genitive form…) No, you can't do nothing, nor I ; but Kilavagora has some work to do ; I don't know exactly what job, but it is about localization, common.css and so on… All templates here ({{Commonscat}} without border, etc.) are ugly, because of lack of localization ! --Budelberger 19:54, 10 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).
To me, English version looks different (i mean mere outlooks) and is nicer, I think. That one has some collors and strips too. but anyway, lets wait for Kilavagora's comment :) anyway, I am certainly not an expert in this field. --Machirkholi 20:02, 10 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)
English and other versions look different, because these Wps are localized ; the first action of an Administrateur should be this localization. I'm not an Administrateur, and I hate Messieurs les Administrateurs. Messieurs les Administrateurs talk to themselves, there, in Devil's Home : Meta, they don't need Me. --Budelberger 20:16, 10 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).
You contributed to the development of the Megrelian Wiki so much, that I am sure, our administrator will never say anything bad to you. He's nice person generally and anyway he will never abuse anybody, I am sure, especially u :)
As to the table, he already corrected it which you can see above. No, I will open in the forum of Megrelian wiki voting, whether the table should be included at the end of each day template. You are welcome to vote :) --Machirkholi 23:06, 10 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)
Yes, he is a nice person, but sysop owning is a Crime School. Now, everything is Okaye. I have to modify {{თუთეფი}} ; how do you say « Related dates » ? --Budelberger 00:16, 11 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).
Its very hard to translate Related Dates. Let it be დაკავშირებულ თარიღეფი for a while and after some time I will consult someone who may know it. Now I think many editors are on vacation :)
one more question: is it difficult to add this table to the template page of every date? or we will have to do it manually? Are u for adding this table to the pages of everyday? --Machirkholi 10:47, 11 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)
Mingrelian is not so easy… (I think that, here, მარგალონა is among the best Mingrelian speaking people ; am I wrong ?…) « Related dates »… or « Other dates »… or « Dates not in the table above »… or « Go to Hell with your related dates »…
It's easy to add this template at the end of the pages, and no, I'm not for adding it : but it doesn't matter, because here, I'm nothing, only the servant of Mingrelian language, and EmausBot is its priest. --Budelberger 19:26, 11 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).
მარგალონა and Odabade indeed know the language well and certainly you are much more than mere servant of the Mingrelian language :) --Machirkholi 19:55, 11 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)
Yes, they know the language well, but not how to use Wikipedia. For example, here : one word changed, one edit ! 115 for მარგალონა, 13 (only) for Odabade90 ; one edit every minute ! They don't know that « Preview » function exists ; previewing (all changes) before publishing… That's why მარგალონა has so many (useless) edits ! --Budelberger 01:37, 12 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET). (I hate useless edits. One edit for adding stub template is useless ; one edit for adding stub template at the top of the article, then another edit to move it to the bottom is so stupid.)

yes you are right, I did wrong things, that's why I apologized you for them, I was just lazy to push "preview" button thinking that it would work, but it will not be repeated again. What concerns to "one edit every minute" - here, when I find something wrong, I am just correcting them and saving immediately, but as I keep on reading, I find anothor mistake and still corrrecting 'them, I know, I should check all of them once I open edit panel and save them after everything is done. so, I'll do them like this I promise from here now on :) --მარგალონა 12:15, 25 ეკენია 2011 (GET)

I think this template is very nice and it should be added to every day of the year :) --Demythicizator 21:24, 16 გერგობათუთა 2011 (GET)

Hello Budelberger. I think that a pattern for the letter articles could be improved. E.g. if we add position of the letter, or whether it denotes a vowel or a consonant, IPA transcription with audio and etc. But position of letter will be different in Mingrelian, because Georgian doesn't use additional ones. So there could be sentence like "14th letter of Georgian and 15th letter of Mingrelian". Also it would be good to copy table with shapes from corresponding Georgian articles. Or do you think it would be better just to create stub articles you listed and then improve it manually? კილავაგორა 20:27, 12 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)

Ugh !
It's because I don't how to say Nth letter, such value, and so on, that I've written this very simple sentence. EmausBot is sleeping, give us a pattern, and we'll improve my poor stub. --Budelberger 20:36, 12 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET). (Concerning « table with shapes », see this stub.)

Dear Budelberger , I am one of the editors of Mingrelian Wikipedia. I have written some articles in this wiki and going to write more :) in the course of my work, I realized the need of using the infoboxes in Megrelian Wiki. Regrettably, I could not create any info box :(( I see that you have created quite a lot of things in the Mingrelian wiki. Can you please help with the creation of infobox template too in this wiki? thanks in advance --Demythicizator 21:18, 16 გერგობათუთა 2011 (GET)

What kind of templates do you need ? Budelberger 02:15, 17 გერგობათუთა 2011 (GET).
Hello Budelberger, I think these are the templates Demythicizator means. კილავაგორა 00:49, 30 გერგობათუთა 2011 (GET)

Dear Budelberger,thank you for this. --Demythicizator 22:01, 16 გერგობათუთა 2011 (GET)

A new Magic Word, unknown here... I have a new computer, but I'm too busy to help you today (all my previous data are lost !) ; in a few days, surely. Don't do useless work, we have some Bots here... Budelberger 22:11, 16 გერგობათუთა 2011 (GET).
Welcome back! I am glad to see you :) კილავაგორა 22:22, 16 გერგობათუთა 2011 (GET)
Dear Budelberger, I am sooo happy to hear that you are back! Indeed, welcome back! --Demythicizator 09:57, 17 გერგობათუთა 2011 (GET)

კატეგორია:1610-ამეფი‎; კატეგორია:1520-ამეფი‎; ...... the ending -ამეფი is unfortunately incorrect. there should be - კატეგორია:1610-იანეფი, კატეგორია:1520-იანეფი; -იანეფი not the -ამეფი. --მარგალონა (სხუნუა) 15:33, 21 მესი 2015 (GET)

I have created those categories because this ending -ამეფი was widely used, in categories created in 2012 by a native speaker of Mingrelian, Odabade90 : see კატეგორია:XX ოშწანურა. --Budelberger (სხუნუა) 18:26, 21 მესი 2015 (GET).
Hi, Budelberger. I am glad to see you again in Megrelian Wikipedia. Megrelian Language has not written standards; we are developing standards and sometimes we have mistakes. Yes, I used -ამეფი ending three years ago, but -იანეფი is more correct.--ოდაბადე (სხუნუა) 19:52, 23 მესი 2015 (GET)