kv iwრედაქტირაფა


Thanks for your wonderful work ! There was some minor mistakes in my Data. Can you, please, interwikify those articles with kv articles ? And, when interwikifying, can you substitute « On This Day » in {{BBC: On This Day}} and {{The New York Times: On This Day}} with « თე დღას » ({{BBC: თე დღას}} and {{The New York Times: თე დღას}}) in order to avoid redirections of templates ? Syntax :

  • (star)(space)[[Article needing kv interwikification]](tab)(nowiki)[[kv link]](/nowiki)

Thanks in advance,

Budelberger 16:05, 24 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC).

  Done and well done. --Budelberger 05:56, 9 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).

Days of the year : Final Countdown 2.რედაქტირაფა


Sorry if here nobody but me thanked you for your wonderful work. People are too busy in asking for deletion of all articles but one : Our Beloved Leader's User Page !…

Can you please create more Days of the Year articles  ? List is here ; syntax :

  • (star)(space)[[Article]](tab)(nowiki)(instructions where (tab) means « linefeed », and (tab)(tab) : « linefeed + empty line », if possible)(/nowiki)

Then, more redirections. It is here ; syntax :

  • (star)(space)[[Article to be created]](space)#REDIRECT [[Existing Article]]

Thanks in advance.

Budelberger 18:18, 29 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC). (Still waiting for months for Permian Komi, Ewe, Pontic… translations…)

Thanks for all, good job. But have you forgotten « Then, more redirections. … » (numerous edits, because Mingrelian months may have up to four names !) ?… --Budelberger 02:58, 30 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC).
  Done and well done. --Budelberger 05:56, 9 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).

Minor modificationsრედაქტირაფა


Mingrelian is not standardized. Users found new words for month names. Can you please modify some existing articles ? To add to the name of the month an other name into brackets. List is here; syntax :

  • (star)(space)[[Existing Article]](tab)(word to be substitued)(tab)(words to substitue)

Example :

  • September 9 is :
    • {{წანაშ დღა}}(linefeed)'''9 ეკენია''' რე etc.
  • it should be :
    • {{წანაშ დღა}}(linefeed)'''9 ეკენია (სექტემბერი)''' რე etc.

While modifying these articles in this way, can you also interwikify them in the same and one edit ?

Thanks in advance.

Budelberger 19:09, 29 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC).

  Done and well done. --Budelberger 05:56, 9 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).

Days of the year : Categories.რედაქტირაფა


Can you please create categories for Days of the Year articles ? List is here ; syntax :

  • (star)(space)[[Category to be created]](tab)(nowiki)(instructions where (tab) means « linefeed », and (tab)(tab) : « linefeed + empty line », if possible)(/nowiki)

Thanks in advance.

Budelberger 02:09, 31 კვირკვე 2011 (UTC).

  Done and well done. --Budelberger 05:56, 9 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).

Modifications in some articles : Zugdidi District.რედაქტირაფა


Can you please modify some articles ? List is here ; syntax :

  • (star)(space)[[Article to be modified]](tab)(nowiki)(first instruction : a template – with its parameters – at the top of the article)(tab)(second instruction : a categorizing template – without parameters – at the bottom of the article ; to add to the article, or to substitute to the category [[კატეგორია:ზუგიდიშ რაიონ]], now useless)(tab)(eventually, iws)(/nowiki)

Note : First template is just a stub, an empty stub… (I have to work on it.)

Thanks in advance.

Budelberger 04:25, 8 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).

  Done. --Emaus 05:44, 9 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)
Merveilleux. Merci pour tout. --Budelberger 05:56, 9 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).



Do you know how to do it ?

Budelberger 04:47, 9 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).

  • Archiving of one page can be done manually, since it is not too frequent task. In Ru.Wiki this is made by ru:user:ClaymoreBot, but I don't know whether it works in the other projects. --Emaus 05:54, 9 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)

Days of the year…რედაქტირაფა


Can you, please, add at the end of the pages in Category:წანაშ დღალეფი – except 1 პირელი –, after « * {{The New York Times: თე დღას}}  », three lines :

See e. g. 1 პირელი.

The "discussion" is here

Thanks in advance.

Budelberger 20:22, 11 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).

Something better… If it is possible, can you do a test, e. g. with 7 ღურთუთა (an empty page), within one edit :

Mingrelian and Georgian are very similar for Names and some grecolatin words… After that, a new job, « cosmetic changes », will change some words into another.

Thanks in advance.

Budelberger 17:03, 12 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).

It is possible, but now I have no code for section copy. I'll try it a bit later.
Does every georgian date page have such structure? If yes? I can copy all of them. --Emaus 02:59, 15 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)
Bonjour, My computer is out of order since Friday night. I can't participate anymore. Thanks for the Georgian letters (small substubs to be modified, expanded…) Day articles have the same pattern here and in ka.Wp :
  • template
  • introduction
  • 5 sections : Events, Births, Deaths, Observances, See also
But here, We are clever, and have a 6th section, External links, with Commons, BBC and NYT On this Day.
If you can copy Georgian Articles without Day template and Introduction, Section titles, it would be good. But I think it means that you can copy sections only… Thanks. --Budelberger 18:04, 16 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).

Georgian lettersრედაქტირაფა


Can you please create some articles (stubs) ? List is here ; syntax :

  • (star)(space)[[Article]](tab)(nowiki)(instructions where (tab) means « linefeed + empty line »)(/nowiki)

Thanks in advance.

Budelberger 19:19, 12 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET).

  Done. --Emaus 02:55, 15 მარაშინათუთა 2011 (GET)


Bonjour, Dear Bot…

Can you, please, substitute in those pages « #babel: » to « babel| » in this template ?


Budelberger 22:44, 16 გერგობათუთა 2011 (GET).